lease containers or buy containers


Do you buy or lease containers? That’s the question.

Of course, that depends on what’s best for your company?

At Green Processing Company, we have the best in innovative packaging solutions with state-of-the-art metal and plastic containers and totes.

We offer both container buying and container leasing of our containers that come in a wide variety of sizes and models to choose from at prices to fit your budget and shipped within 24 hours.

From standard size to custom-designed and built metal containers, Green Processing Company has what you need.

But should you buy your containers or lease them? Let’s help you decide.

Is Buying Right for You?

Capital investment in containers is a logical solution when your operation moves a significant product inventory on a consistent basis both in seasonal traffic and volume growth.

You know what you need and purchase accordingly.

If you need more, you buy more and replace the ones that can no longer be repaired.

When it comes to choice, Green Processing Company carries the latest in container technology.

When you use our containers, you’ll discover how easy they are for packing your product.

You’ll also be confident knowing your goods will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

For added convenience, when the containers are not being used, they can be folded and collapsed.

Read more about collapsible containers.

Metal containers are the ideal purchase for safely transporting your most important goods.

We ensure that these containers are strong, durable and designed to last for years.

We also have brand new industrial plastic storage totes available in standard sizes and colors along with reinforced bottoms for additional support.

They’re easy to handle and an excellent low-cost packaging solution.

They’re a great way to move small goods within your facility or to their destination.

As one of the largest distributors of shipping containers in the US and Canada, there are many reasons why our clientele buy our containers.

They know when they need us, we’re there for them with a purchase program that’s affordable.

They choose Green Processing Company because we give them peace of mind in a busy world.

Plastic Containers

Metal Containers

Is Leasing What You Need?

So, is container leasing right for you? Green Processing Company offers a lease program for our superior quality products that also caters to your budget and shipped within 24 hours.

Companies choose shipping containers to make transportation simple, allowing them to stack products, load and unload and keep them safe in transit.

But your company may need containers on a temporary basis, so buying isn’t cost-effective.

You may be making parts but not shipping to your customers because they’re shut down for a break, retooling or on strike.

You may have had a fire, a natural disaster or just need containers during holidays when companies keep making parts instead of closing. 

You can order containers when you need them and return them when you’re done.

If your needs increase, you can lease more until you’re at full production.

A Simple Leasing Program

Green Processing Company knows in these situations buying containers may not be practical. That’s why leasing the containers will help your bottom line.

 The program is simple. We offer a 90-day term and after that, you only pay for the days you have the containers.

If you need a container for less than a month our lease to own plan is perfect for you.

Ask about Green Processing’s affordable payment plan.

It’s a unique program that will fit your budget.

Leasing is a Fraction of the Cost of Buying

You always save money when leasing.

The cost per month is a fraction of the cost of buying.

As an added value you don’t have to clean the containers.

Just return them as is after the 90-day term ends.

We offer logistical services throughout North America and have the largest plastic and metal container inventory on the continent shipping to Canada, United States, and Mexico.

Green Processing Company operates full-service industrial recycling and container management locations including Ohio, Texas and Windsor, Ontario.

Each facility is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced container reconditioning personnel.  

If containers can’t be repaired, they’re sent to the full-service recycling division where over 600,000 lbs per month of material is 100% recycled and reused in North America.

The Green Processing sales team is dedicated to assisting your company by working with you to have new containers that suit your needs.

Whether buying or leasing, they will guide you to a solution that will give your company the edge in your industry.

So, is it better to buy or lease? When you work with Green Processing Company, they will help you make the right decision and keep you moving goods and moving ahead of the competition.

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Container Rental
Convenient Packaging Solutions
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Save Storage
  • Fast Delivery
  • Leave The Cleaning To Us
  • Short And Long Term Leasing Options
Container Rental
Convenient Packaging Solutions
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Save Storage
  • Fast Delivery
  • Leave The Cleaning To Us
  • Short And Long Term Leasing Options
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