Container Cleaning

Green Processing Company offers container repair, refurbishing, cleaning, and modification. Green Processing Company can handle all brands and sizes, including older style containers that are no longer manufactured. We realize that a repair and modification template is not universal and that our program must be designed specifically to suit the needs of our customers.

The containers sale and leasing team at Green Processing Company will meet with you, the customer, and detail the type of repair and modification required. Most containers requiring repair will have broken bases, missing runners (fork straps), broken doors or walls, or problems with latches. All components can be repaired or replaced except for the base of the container. The base is the heaviest and most expensive part of the container, so a damaged base beyond repair might deem the container ‘scrap’.

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Once the containers are repaired, a detailed report summary is sent to the customer, along with a pickup request or delivery notification. The containers that cannot be repaired are purchased as scrap by Green Processing Company and the money can be used to purchase replacement containers.

Green Processing Company has the largest inventory of replacement containers in North America, so surely any brand or size can be accommodated.

Our inventory includes new and used plastic containers, shipping containers, collapsible plastic containers, new and used metal containers, plastic pallets, returnable packaging and much more.

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