Container Cleaning & Sanitization

Green Processing Company has always offered its clients a full-service experience, which includes cleaning and sanitizing its containers. We provide the support you need to maintain your container and pallet investment highly effectively and up to industry standards.

Keeping Containers Clean

At Green Processing Company we know the importance of keeping our containers clean. That’s why we offer a complete container cleaning service using a high-pressure power wash system by a trained technician to remove everything from the surface of the containers from dust and dirt to grease and other hard-to-remove material. Nothing is overlooked when cleaning. We pay special attention to the corners where dirt, residue and organic matter get wedged and are the hardest areas to clean.

Cleaning Reusable Containers

Unlike limited life, wood-based products, Green Processing’s plastic containers, pallets and totes are designed to be cleaned, sterilized and reused over and over.

Container Cleaning

Container Sanitization Service

During these times of COVID-19 our containers are sanitized to eliminate any infectious material. Green Processing Company has purchased large bulk qualities of industrial cleaner and our technicians are misting the containers then wiping the touchpoints such as handles and the tops of the containers with sanitizer.

container sanitization

Green Processing Company has the largest inventory of replacement containers in North America including new and used plastic containers, shipping containers, collapsible plastic containers, new and used metal containers, plastic pallets, returnable packaging and much more.

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