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Track Your Assets Efficiently

Metal container ID tags

We have all the labels, tags, and identifying equipment you need for your containers and any other equipment you need to have properly identified.  A proper tagging and labelling system will help you easily and efficiently track all your assets.

We will help you properly identify your assets, with our label and tag systems, custom-made to your specific needs.

With a tag and label system, you’ll be able to prepare your packaging – plastic containers, metal containers, plastic totes, plastic pallets and more. Keep track of your equipment, inventory, and containers.

We can supply a variety of tags and labels so that your assets and inventory are where they need to be, all the time. Information on your tags and labels can include company name, artwork/graphics, project information, and any other details needed.

We will provide a secure label and tag system exactly the way you need it.   You will simplify and streamline your container identification system, with top-quality tags and labels. Labels and tags are for both internal use and outgoing transportation.

Identification (ID) Tags

Your ID tags will be made from strong, heavy-duty materials, designed for durability and long life.  Your containers – boxes, bins, and everything else – will be clearly identified with the information you and your customers need to see.  Your tags will be created to your exact specifications. Various colours are available.

ID Tag Sizes

Identification tags come in popular, common sizes in both adhesive and non-adhesive configurations:

  • 3-inch x 3-inch ID tags – adhesive
  • 3-inch x 3-inch ID tags – non-adhesive
  • 3-inch x 6-inch ID tags – adhesive
  • 3-inch x 6-inch ID tags – non-adhesive

containers tags and labels

Identification (ID) Labels

High-quality, durable vinyl labels will clearly identify container contents, and any other assets made to your specific needs and requirements.  A variety of identifying colours are available, for easy visibility and identification.

ID Label Sizes

Identification labels come in popular, common sizes, and with reliable adhesive pre-applied:

  • 1-inch x 6-inch ID label – complete with pre-applied adhesive
  • 4-inch x 6-inch ID label – complete with pre-applied adhesive

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