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Green Processing Company has a large variety of packaging solutions, including used plastic containers for sale that are designed for a convenient and low-cost way to move materials within your facility or to their final destinations. These containers are also known as shipping containers. Some of them are collapsible containers and it is convenient for storing them when they are not in use. Our inventory consists of thousands of used bins in many sizes, and colors that are available at our various locations.

Shipping containers are customizable to meet your needs, changing by the material used, size, condition, and whether they are new or used. As one of the largest distributors of shipping containers in the US and Canada, there are many reasons why our clientele has gone with us.

The used plastic containers are not only available for sale in bulk but short-term lease and long-term lease container rental. Our company has all name brand manufacturers, which include, Orbis, Monoflo, Triple Diamond, Ropak, and Buckhorn.

Our used containers are made from 100% recyclable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) structural foam and will never rust. All containers are put through a strict evaluation and then repaired. Bins that can no longer be repaired for safety reasons are destroyed and recycled. Green Processing Company offers custom ID tags for used bins.

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We also offer logistical services throughout North America.

Bulk Used Plastic Containers For Sale

Bulk Used Plastic Containers For Sale

We sell most of our products in bulk, including bulk plastic containers. If you are interested in ordering less than 10 Plastic Collapsible Bulk Containers, visit our eBay store.

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Green Processing Company is an industry-leading company with the largest inventory of used plastic containers in North America!

We have a large selection of used plastic containers including Orbis, Monoflo, Triple Diamond, Ropak, and Buckhorn. The new containers are in many colors, and we provide fast shipping and competitive pricing.

If you are interested in used plastic containers or any other product like used plastic Totes, please fill out the form or call us directly.

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