Custom Metal Containers

Custom Metal Containers

Custom Metal Containers; When One Size Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

Different companies have different needs when it comes to containers. A one size fits all approach may not satisfy the needs of your operation. Standard container sizes just won’t work. Many businesses need a custom size.

Custom-designed metal containers are never a problem for Green Processing Company. You can send a data model or sample photos and our team of experts will design and make the perfect metal containers you need.

Custom Design For Your Needs

We can customize your needs when product specifications don’t suit our existing inventory. We will construct a new mold for a custom container and set them up for mass production.

Wide Variety of Metal Containers Available

Green Processing Company has several types of metal containers in our inventory, which include metal containers, metal cages, metal tubs, and metal baskets.

Metal containers are the best solution for safely transporting your most important goods. Green Processing Company ensures that all metal containers are strong, durable and designed to last for years.

Our sales team works closely with our customers during the design and production of standard and new customized metal containers, racks, and cages.

customized metal container

All Containers Made to OEM Specs

Metal containers can be built either wire mesh or plate. Their design, including corner posts, stacking and fork pocket openings are made to match OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.

Custom Colors

Green Processing Company also offers painting in a state-of-the-art paint booth. You can choose any color or we can color match your company colors.

Custom Stenciling

Custom stenciling is also available and you can add your company name and program details.

Collapsible Custom Metal Containers

Does your company need custom collapsible containers? Green Processing Company will make them for you. When you don’t know how to break down a part or product to make it fit you no longer need to do that.with custom-made containers.

One of our latest metal custom container projects is a collapsible metal container with an 11-gauge steel floor and 14-gauge steel walls. Fully collapsible the containers when stacked and nested were durable and safe to transport.

Leasing Custom Metal Containers Program May Fit Your Needs and Budget

Looking to lease containers but you need a custom container made specifically for your company? Green Processing Company offers container leasing with custom design.

Leasing Program

Now, you don’t have to buy metal containers, you can lease them. The program is simple. We offer a 90-day term and after that, you only pay for the days you have the containers.

Lease To Own Program

If you need a container for less than a month our lease to own plan is perfect for you. Ask about Green Processing’s affordable payment plan. It’s a unique program that will fit your budget.

You always save money when leasing containers. The cost per month is a fraction of the cost of buying. As an added value you don’t have to do any cleaning. We take care of the container cleaning once they are back in our warehouse. Just return them as is after the 90-day term ends.

The Custom Packaging Solution To Your Business Needs

If you are interested in custom container solutions in metal or wish to have access to a vast inventory of new and refurbished packaging, please reach out to a sales representative.

At Green Processing Company we specialize in packaging solutions and we want you to be a partner in your success. That’s why we take your container needs seriously offering you the solutions you need when it comes to the latest in container technology

From standard size to custom-designed and built containers to suit any need, Green Processing Company has the products you need to get your goods safely to their final destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

My company needs containers that require a specific size for our unique needs. Can Green Processing help me?

We can customize your containers when your product requirements don’t match our existing inventory. We will construct a new mold for a custom container and set them up for mass production.

Do your containers meet Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications?

Yes. The design of our containers including corner posts, stacking, and fork pocket openings are all made to match OEM specifications.

Do you have custom collapsible containers?

Definitely.  We can make them for you. No need to break down a part or product to make it fit with our custom collapsible containers. Fully collapsible, the containers when stacked and nested are durable and safe to transport.

If my company does not want to buy containers is leasing available?

Yes, we do. We offer a 90-day term and after that, you only pay for the days you have the containers.  We offer an affordable payment plan that will fit your budget.

My company is looking for plastic containers to store and ship our products. Do you make custom plastic containers?

Yes. Plastic containers can also be customized utilizing injection molding technology. When we customize a plastic container we allow for extended length and extended height in a cut-and-weld solution.

Can you customize the exterior look of the containers?

We sure can.  Green Processing Company offers customized painting. You can choose from any color, including color matching. Custom stenciling is also available. You can add your company name and program details.

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