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Plastic Pallets For Sale

Are you looking for affordable plastic pallets for sale, trays, and lids? our inventory of plastic pallets is offered in a variety of sizes and styles.

For any business in need of pallets to help move materials internally or to ship them, plastic pallets should be a strong consideration over wood.

Why Plastic Pallets?

In the modern supply chain, pallets are used every day for storage and transportation.

As opposed to wood, plastic pallets come with many advantages including being able to double as product displays for some industries.

Plastic has come to be the preferred method of storage and delivery for many industries, including the automotive industry.

Although the cost is somewhat higher on plastic pallets, this is for several reasons.

Unlike wood, plastic does not require to be treated to protect against fungus.

Also, the lifespan of plastic can be 10 years and sometimes more.

When plastic pallets are the preferred choice

Plastic pallets are chosen because of how durable and reliable they are in transportation.

For example, the average amount of trips plastic pallets can withstand are 250 and higher, compared to wood which is only good for up to 6 trips, if even, before it starts to break down.

Fresh and frozen food companies, corporations shipping pharmaceuticals, and for the storage or transportation of products with hygienic requirements, plastic pallets, trays, and lids are the preferred option.

As plastic pallets aren’t porous, this also makes them way easier to clean, wash, and sterilize compared to wood.

With plastic, you can keep reusing them again and again.

For companies shipping one-way overseas or outbound, plastic may be an expensive option.

That said, if you’re able to recoup the pallet, plastic’s so much more advantageous compared to wood.

They’re lighter, sleeker, you won’t get any splinters from them, and they’re perfect for storage in warehouses.

Plastic pallets rise above wood and other pallet materials for a wide variety of reasons. For fragile items, plastic is better at storage and transport than wood which can present as a puncture hazard. Plastic has a better fire safety rating than wood as well.

Plastic pallets in the automotive industry

Plastic pallets are a common selection for the automotive industry, providing clean and efficient storage for sensitive components of car electronics and other parts.

More companies are moving away from wooden pallets in favor of plastic pallets which can protect against electrostatic charges.

Instead of having to focus on repairing or exchanging defective wooden pallets which can slow down your logistics supply chain, plastic pallets are much easier to handle, move, and use.

Plastic pallets are far simpler to clean, protect a products’ electronic tractability, can be automated in transportation on roller tracks, can help automate container warehousing, and more.

Plastic pallets for the automotive industry come with a durable structure, non-slip design, strong impact resistance, is resistant to acids and moisture as well as corrosion, meets the specifications of automotive warehouses and garages, is hygienic, resistant against sparks and combustion maximizing fire resistance, and is fully recyclable.

Green Processing Company is a pallet recycler.

Plastic products that can’t be fixed are sent to recycling.

We shred the leftover plastic and build new products.

How Can Our plastic pallets be Used?

For exporting businesses, plastic pallets are an optimum way to ensure your product or item reaches its destination safely.

Display products in retail stores.

Reduce the risk of a damaging product by using plastic pallets in merchandising.

Plastic pallets can are widely used in construction sites.

Lighter plastic pallets are suitable for airfreight shipping, carrying much less weight than wood.

Plastic pallets used in pharmaceutical industries are made with no reactive chemicals minimizing the risk of contamination, absorb shop during transport, and are sometimes equipped with an anti-slip surface.

As they’re easy to clean and sterilize, they’re perfect for beverages and foods.

Easily remove dirt and combat mold.
TVs, computers, and other electronics are reliably held and presented on plastic pallets for storage and transport.

These pallets are resistant to water absorption and impervious to solvents, odors, fats, and/or acids. No nails and screws mean a little risk of damage.

Storage and transportation in retail operations can benefit greatly from hygienic, durable, and eco-friendly plastic pallets.

Unlike wood, you won’t have to keep reinvesting in new pallets as plastic lasts far longer.

Plastic pallets, trays, and lids can help to control and protect volatile, hazardous, and corrosive chemicals. Spillages or leaks can be better contained with spill control plastic pallets.

Corporate grocery store chains adore plastic pallets for their ability to guarantee the safety and freshness of fresh vegetables and fruits, guarding against contamination and pests.

Heavy-duty industrial warehouse products are recommended for strong and durable plastic pallets.

Dimensionally stable, their performance does not vary according to weather, plastic can handle weight steadily, and their reusability is another advantage.

Choosing plastic pallets, trays, and lids for sale from Green Processing Company can have amazing benefits for your business, including reducing costs while increasing the quality of any storage and transportation.

For handling applications and assistance in protecting your assets in distribution and moving items through the supply chain, consider plastic as your pallet type.

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