We Now Offer RFID Container Tracking!

Green Processing Company consistently strives to increase the quality of service and range of products that we offer our valued customers. We work hard to provide you with cutting-edge technologies and services that will add value to your business.

With this in mind, Green Processing Company is excited to announce our partnership with Tempo Technologies to provide RFID solutions that let you track your returnable containers in real-time as they move between and within organizations.

What Is Container Tracking?

Tempo’s cloud-based TRACE Asset Tracking System lets you view the real-time location and status of each of your containers from anywhere. TRACE lets you accurately track and manage your containers as they move between your facilities, your suppliers’ facilities, your customers’ facilities and your service providers’ facilities. It also lets you track and easily locate other companies’ containers in your facilities.

Green Processing Company can tag your containers with cost-effective, AIAG-compliant RFID tags. These high-performance RFID tags allow the TRACE system to reliably track and process your containers at any facility in the TRACE “ecosystem”. This unrivaled traceability helps you prevent loss, reduce costs and confusion, avoid production and delivery delays, and increase efficiency.

How Does Container Tracking Work?

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