We Now Offer RFID Container Tracking!

Green Processing Company consistently strives to increase the quality of service and range of products that we offer our valued customers. We work hard to provide you with cutting-edge technologies and services that will add value to your business.

With this in mind, Green Processing Company is excited to announce our partnership with Tempo Technologies to provide RFID solutions that let you track your returnable containers in real-time as they move between and within organizations.

What Is Container Tracking?

Tempo’s cloud-based TRACE Asset Tracking System lets you view the real-time location and status of each of your containers from anywhere. TRACE lets you accurately track and manage your containers as they move between your facilities, your suppliers’ facilities, your customers’ facilities and your service providers’ facilities. It also lets you track and easily locate other companies’ containers in your facilities.

Green Processing Company can tag your containers with cost-effective, AIAG-compliant RFID tags. These high-performance RFID tags allow the TRACE system to reliably track and process your containers at any facility in the TRACE “ecosystem”. This unrivaled traceability helps you prevent loss, reduce costs and confusion, avoid production and delivery delays, and increase efficiency.

How Does Container Tracking Work?

RFID: Simply explained, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that can automatically identify individual assets, units of inventory and other things using low-power radio waves. RFID tags on containers send data to RFID readers, and software processes the data and displays it for you on mobile devices and computers. This technology allows workflows that were once done manually to now be fully or partially automated, and heavily streamlined for maximum efficiency and reduced labor costs. Workflows that once required pen and paper or spreadsheets can now be completed digitally, with real-time data available for all permitted users across all devices.

Automated and Streamlined Workflows: Tempo’s TRACE System can automate and streamline receiving, shipping and other asset handling workflows to increase efficiency, accuracy and traceability. Interactive GPS and RFID-based container locating features make it easy to quickly track down any container in your facility or yard. Real-time shipment data combined with fast, interactive, RFID-based shipping and receiving features prevent users from accidentally shipping incorrect containers and parts.

Improved Communication: TRACE eliminates the need for time-consuming calls and emails with your service provider to figure out what should be done with your containers after we receive them. TRACE lets you choose with a single click whether we should repair, recycle, wash, reconfigure or return your containers to you. TRACE also lets you know when we receive your containers in shipments from other companies, eliminating the confusion and finger-pointing that have plagued the industry for years.

Tagging Containers: Green Processing Company can tag all of your containers as they arrive at our facilities for service. We can also tag new containers before they ship to you, and we can customize the tags with your logo and desired serial number format. We can also provide “blank” tags, and Tempo can set you up with complete RFID tag printing systems to let you tag your own bins at your facilities.

You will be able to start tracking your containers as soon as they are tagged. The TRACE system also lets you track your rented containers everywhere while you have them under a rental contract.
RFID tag

What Does This Mean For You?

Many OEMs and service providers estimate annual returnable packaging losses of at least 6-10%. Using the TRACE System with RFID tags provided by Green will help your company prevent loss and reduce costs, while increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Container tracking with TRACE provides lots of benefits by:

  • Reducing container losses and replacement costs
  • Reducing reliance on expensive single-use packaging
  • Improving traceability of WIP parts and finished goods
  • Allowing for faster, more accurate order fulfillment
  • Reducing fines incurred for late JIT orders
  • Preventing production delays and machine downtime
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Reducing confusion, opportunities for human error and wasted man-hours
  • Improving communication within your organization
  • Improving communication, transparency and trust between you and your
  • customers, suppliers and service providers
  • Eliminating paperwork and spreadsheets
  • Improving traceability of rented containers

Green and Tempo ensure that all RFID tags meet AIAG standards. This allows anyone to reliably scan and process your containers for maximum traceability throughout the supply chain.

Is Container Tracking Right For Your Business?

If you would like more information about Green’s RFID tags and tagging services, or about Tempo’s TRACE Asset Tracking System, please contact our team at Green Processing Company. We will be happy to explain not only how this system works, but how it can specifically benefit your company. If you’re looking for cost-effective, user-friendly ways to improve container and part tracking, this just might be the solution you have been waiting for.

Green Processing Company and Tempo have partnered to simplify and streamline your transition to RFID for reliable container tracking everywhere. Contact us today for more information.

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