New Plastic Containers

New Plastic Containers

New plastic containersGreen Processing Company maintains an inventory of several thousand new plastic containers for sale in the most common sizes. All of our new plastic bulk containers meet the highest quality standards and are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved.

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New Bulk Plastic Containers

The Benefits Of New Plastic Shipping Containers

Our new bulk plastic containers are not only available for sale but short-term lease and long-term lease as well. Custom labels are available to meet your needs within the organization or if used to ship to other locations.

Read more about custom containers.

Green Processing Company also offers logistical services throughout North America.

View our used bulk plastic containers or our new plastic containers.

New Plastic containers

Uses For New Plastic Containers

New plastic containers are the perfect solution for a variety of storage, transportation and organization needs. They can safetly transport food, liquids, construction tools and other items. New plastic containers are also great for organizing small items like nails, screws, and office supplies. With a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, you can find the perfect size and shape for your specific needs. The lightweight design makes it easy to move from place to place, and the durability keeps it in perfect condition regardless of how often you use it. Additionally, the new plastic containers are extremely versatile and can be used both commercially and privately. Invest in an economical solution to all your organization’s needs.

Bulk Collapsible Plastic Containers

Green Processing Company offers brand new collapsible containers, plastic pallets for sale, and Totes sets.

The containers are designed for rugged automotive use, loading capacity, and durability.

Our new containers are interchangeable with all other brands and models, allowing them to be introduced to current container fleets. All of the containers are 4-way forklift accessible, ergonomically proper, and completely collapsible. Custom labeling can be added, including ID tags at the base of the container, labels on the doors and walls, and placards.

Bulk Plastic Containers

Newly re-engineered to be even more durable, they out-perform and are less expensive than competitive containers.

All our bulk containers fold for highly efficient stacking when not in use and can be customized to feature access doors and RFID tagging options.

Injection molded bulk plastic containers are strong and durable. The containers feature a low tare weight and stack nine high.
Longer Life: Our container is superior in impact strength translating to longer life and reduced long-term customer cost.

More for less: Lower tare weight results in shipping more actual product, and therefore, higher yield at lower delivered cost of your manufactured goods. Plus, a greater net return ratio reduces return costs making our bulk containers a lower cost to operate round trip.

Strength to outperform: Improved base strength increases the life of the container.

The Best Selection of New Plastic Containers: Monoflo, Orbis and Buckhorn

Our selection of new plastic containers is second to none. Available in all standard sizes and configurations, from leading manufacturers including Monoflo, Orbis and Buckhorn, you won’t go wrong when you choose from our huge inventory of top quality, durable containers, no matter what industry you serve. Be confident in your shipments – be sure to go with quality, durable plastic containers from the best in the field. You customers will thank you for it.

We are happy to be your go-to call for new plastic containers. We have containers that are ready to be shipped.

Give us your requirements; we will handle the rest.

New Plastic Containers FAQ

What makes your product different in the marketplace compared to your competitors?

We offer refurbished products of the highest quality, thoroughly checking every component and making sure the packaging is completely repaired, and most importantly, safe. We also offer the largest inventory of ready-to-ship packaging in North America.

How critical is packaging in manufacturing process?

Packaging is absolutely essential in the manufacturing process. After the part are made, they need to be stored until they are shipped to the final destination. And when the parts are shipped, it needs to ship in packaging. Lastly, reusable packaging is a cost-savings alternative to expendable packaging, not to mention the environmental benefits as well.

How often do your clients order?

It depends on the customer, some order weekly (or even more often) and we are also happy to service one-time and irregular orders.

What's the top 3 problems you solve for your clients?

  • We offer leasing solutions, for customers that require an influx in packaging.
  • We repair packaging, so that our customers do not have to purchase brand new packaging.
  • We offer very fast availability and delivery, much quicker than the industry norm.

Do you sell your products to private individuals?

Sometimes we do, but it depends on the quantity required. Most of our sales is business-to-business.

How much weight can a plastic container hold?

It varies depending on the size and brand (make, and model) but generally, most containers are rated for 1800 lbs of weight.

Can containers safely be stacked?

Yes, containers can be stacked, higher usually in a warehouse, that in transit. It’s best to ask about the particular size to make sure.

Monoflo, Orbis and Buckhorn also sell containers. Why to buy from you?

The best thing about purchasing containers from us is the services that you get. We take pride in our customer services. When you contact us, you’re in good hands. 

We carry Monoflo, Orbis and Buckhorn containers in our stock, so you don’t have to wait.

As soon as you pleace an order, we load our trucks and the containers are on the way to you so you receive it quicker than any other provider.

We sell containers in bulk which means you get great value for you buck.

At Green Processing Company, we offer alternative to buying plastic containers. you can lease for long or short terms which reduces the costs drastically. 

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