Nestable Pallets

Are you looking for better, cost-effective, space-saving solutions for your business? Have you considered using nestable plastic pallets? This revolutionary system is gaining in popularity for a number of reasons, and here’s why. Here, we break down the benefits of using these nestable containers and provide some information for you to be able to make well-informed decisions for your business.

Nestable Plastic Pallets: What Are They?

A nestable pallet is an efficient storage system where a container nests or sits one inside another. This type of nestable system takes up much less storage space for pallet storage and transit. With a 4:1 nest ratio, a set of nestable plastic pallets can save up to four times the space needed by stackable plastic or wood pallets.

Why Consider Nestable Containers?

In addition to offering durability and safety, nestable plastic pallets offer smart space-saving pallet storage solutions along with durability and safety. This system lets you stack more pallets at a safe height without compromising the structural integrity.

Save precious floor space and keep your items safely stored. In addition to being space and cost-effective, nestable containers are recyclable, durable, weather-resistant, impact-resistant and even customizable.


Plastic Vs. Wood Pallets

If you’re planning on shipping goods to another country, plastic pallets offer many benefits in addition to allowing you to save on freight costs due to their lighter weight and density. Wood pallets and packaging made from unmarked woods have been known to get retained and possibly destroyed or re-exported. Play it safe and use plastic.

Plastic pallets and nestable containers offer your business a great alternative to wood pallets. They’re lighter in weight and density, they are extremely durable and their strength allows for a long life span, making them extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They are much easier to transport, move and handle than wood. Without nails or broken boards, the risk of injury is a non factor, making them a favorable choice amongst both employers and employees.

Great For Sensitive Materials

If you’ve got sensitive materials that you’re looking to store or ship, then nestable plastic containers should definitely be in the running, as one of your top choices. The automotive industry, for example, requires many different types of parts that can’t risk being damaged. Similarly, the agricultural industry requires that their products stay fresh, clean and safe while stored and during transport.

Our nestable pallets are made from top-quality materials, ensuring that they are able to withstand outside temperatures and elements including moisture. Moreover, our containers are resistant to acid and corrosion, making them a top choice in both the automotive and agricultural industries.

Nestable industrial plastic containers can be sanitized and are easily washable to ensure that quality assurance practices are properly maintained at all times.

Stackable Pallets

Still Need More?

If we haven’t provided you with enough information, or you’re looking for more information on specifications regarding our nestable pallet options, contact us and we would be happy to help. If you have very specific needs, we can customize any nestable plastic pallet to fit your needs. We work with you to get you the perfect shape and size.

We also have a huge selection of stackable pallets and rackable pallets to ensure that your business needs are always met. The choices don’t end there. Ask us about our belt options that come with many of our nestable products to help maximize your stackability choices. We also have lids to accompany our nestable plastic containers. With so many options available, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about the storage solutions available to your business.

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