Plastic Produce Bins

The demand for high-quality fruits and vegetables has never been greater. Green Processing Company has the best plastic containers to meet the demands of the agricultural industry.

Plastic Produce Bins and the Demand for Efficient Supply Chains

Growing suburban populations changed eating behaviors that demand more efficient produce supply chains in retail markets such as supermarkets.

Grocery store chains prefer bulk plastic containers because they guarantee the safety and freshness of fresh produce and protect it against contamination and pests.

watermelons container

Watermelon Container

potatoes container

Potato Container

The Best Way to Get Safely to Your Destination

Plastic containers are the best way to ensure produce reaches its destination safely. Unlike wood and cardboard, you won’t have to keep buying new containers because plastic lasts much longer.

Green Processing Company has multiple new plastic containers available in standard sizes and colors along with reinforced bottoms for added support. Our plastic containers are designed to be reused so growers and packers now can be environmentally sensitive while reducing packing, harvesting, and transportation costs.

Containers Are Recyclable and Returnable

The containers are resistant to the weather and are recyclable and returnable for supply chain cost-effectiveness.

When they reach the end of their life, the plastic containers are easily recyclable so you can be comfortable knowing your company is using environmentally responsible products.

Container Cleaning

Designed with The Farming Industry in Mind

Our state-of-the-art plastic containers protect your produce and reduce damage in the field and during transport, ensuring less wasted food. They’re also very easy to clean.

The containers have ventilation slots to improve airflow and reduce heat absorption, so your produce stays cool and increases the quality and shelf life. Plastic is a nonporous surface that doesn’t absorb liquids, reducing the risk of contamination from pests and bacteria

These containers are designed to accommodate the unique demands of farmers, packing houses, and produce retailers with premium approved and high-grade plastic and a wide range of features.

Short and Long-Term Leasing Available

Our new bulk containers are not only available for sale but short-term lease and long-term lease container leasing as well.

Ask about our affordable payment plan. It’s a unique program that will fit your budget.

Choosing plastic containers for sale or lease from Green Processing Company will benefit your business by reducing costs while increasing the quality of your storage and transportation systems.


Featured Plastic Produce Bins


Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 47.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Width): 39.6″
Exterior Top Dimensions (High): 25.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 43.6″
Interior Dimensions (Top Width): 36.0″
Free Space in Product: 18.5″

40x48x25 collapsible plastic produce containers

Visit product page: 40x48x25 Plastic Container


Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 47.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Width): 39.6″
Exterior Top Dimensions (High): 34.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 43.6″
Interior Dimensions (Top Width): 36.0″
Free Space in Product: 27.6″

40x48x34 collapsible plastic produce containers

Visit product page: 40x48x34 Plastic Container

Produce Bins and totes


What makes your product different in the marketplace compared to your competitors?

We offer refurbished products of the highest quality, thoroughly checking every component and making sure the packaging is completely repaired, and most importantly, safe. We also offer the largest inventory of ready-to-ship packaging in North America.

How critical is packaging in manufacturing process?

Packaging is absolutely essential in the manufacturing process. After the part are made, they need to be stored until they are shipped to the final destination. And when the parts are shipped, it needs to ship in packaging. Lastly, reusable packaging is a cost-savings alternative to expendable packaging, not to mention the environmental benefits as well.

How often do your clients order?

It depends on the customer, some order weekly (or even more often) and we are also happy to service one-time and irregular orders.

What's the top 3 problems you solve for your clients?

  • We offer leasing solutions, for customers that require an influx in packaging.
  • We repair packaging, so that our customers do not have to purchase brand new packaging.
  • We offer very fast availability and delivery, much quicker than the industry norm.

Do you sell your products to private individuals?

Sometimes we do, but it depends on the quantity required. Most of our sales is business-to-business.

How much weight can a plastic container hold?

It varies depending on the size and brand (make, and model) but generally, most containers are rated for 1800 lbs of weight.

Can containers safely be stacked?

Yes, containers can be stacked, higher usually in a warehouse, that in transit. It’s best to ask about the particular size to make sure.

How long do used containers last?

The plastic that is used to make the containers is meant to last forever. Containers that don’t last are usually broken in a warehouse setting, by a forklift.

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