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The demand for high-quality fruits and vegetables has never been greater. Green Processing Company has the best in plastic containers to meet the demands of the agricultural industry.
The rapid acceptance of reusable plastic containers for the bulk packaging of fresh produce is motivated by consumer and market demand for safe high-quality produce.
The use of plastic containers in fresh produce supply chains offers new business opportunities for service providers such as commercial farmers and farmers organizations, cooperatives, dealers and plastic container manufacturers like Green Processing Company.

Plastic Produce Containers and the Demand for Efficient Supply Chains

Growing suburban populations changed eating behaviours that demand more efficient produce supply chains in retail markets such as supermarkets. These agricultural supply chains include harvesting, production, packaging, storage, transport, wholesaling, and retailing.
Grocery store chains prefer bulk plastic containers because they guarantee the safety and freshness of fresh produce and protect it against contamination and pests.

Produce must be transported to market promptly to reach consumers in its best condition. As it moves through the supply chain either by plane, train, truck or ship, it’s handled and exposed to a variety of conditions that may affect its quality and sales potential.

The Best Way to Get Safely to Your Destination

Plastic containers are the best way to ensure produce reaches its destination safely. Storage and transportation will benefit from hygienic, durable, and environmentally friendly plastic containers. Unlike wood and cardboard, you won’t have to keep buying new containers because plastic lasts much longer.

Green Processing Company has multiple new plastic containers available in standard sizes and colours along with reinforced bottoms for added support. Our plastic containers are designed to be reused so growers and packers now can be environmentally sensitive while reducing packing, harvesting, and transportation costs.

Our containers are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is injection molded, making them extremely durable and long lasting. They are impact resistance with a smooth surface finish.

Containers Are Recyclable and Returnable

The parts are resistant to the weather and are recyclable and returnable for supply chain cost effectiveness. They’re made from environmentally sensitive materials.
When they reach the end of their life, the plastic containers are easily recyclable so you can be comfortable knowing your company is using environmentally responsible products.
Our plastic containers perform every day in fields, orchards, vineyards, pastures, greenhouses, and storage facilities. We give you the perfect tool necessary to ensure highest product quality for fruits and vegetables as well as grains, fungi and legumes.
Whether it’s potatoes, apples, carrots, cauliflower or more, Green Processing Company’s plastic containers will increase your efficiency and reduce waste from farm to table, providing ventilation and sanitation far superior to wood and cardboard packaging.

Easily Cleaned and UV Protected for The Outdoors

Made from high-impact resistant HDPE plastic, these plastic harvest containers are long-lasting and easily recyclable. HDPE plastic meets all government standards for food handling, has a reusable bin life unlike cardboard or wood bins. They are also easily cleaned, temperature resistant and UV protected for outdoor use.

Our bulk plastic containers quickly collapse flat and are stackable making them unlike any other storage choice. Companies that have chosen these containers have discovered they reduce waste, increase selection and delivery times, and provide a cleaner environment for employees and customers.


Container Cleaning

Designed with The Farming Industry in Mind

Our state-of-the-art plastic containers protect your produce and reduce damage in the field and during transport, ensuring less wasted food. The smooth interior reduces the risk of product scrapes, cuts, and bruises. They’re also very easy to clean. If it becomes dirty, you don’t have to use much effort to get it clean.

The containers have ventilation slots to improve air flow and reduce heat absorption, so your produce stays cool and increases the quality and shelf life. Plastic is a nonporous surface which doesn’t absorb liquids, reducing the risk of contamination from pests and bacteria
These containers are designed to accommodate the unique demands of farmers, packing houses, and produce retailers with premium approved and high-grade plastic and a wide range of features.

Short and Long-Term Leasing Available

Our new bulk containers are not only available for sale but short-term lease and long-term lease container leasing as well. Custom labels are available to meet your needs within the organization or if used to ship to other locations.

Read more about custom containers.

Green Processing Company also offers logistical services throughout North America in Ohio, Texas. Alabama and two locations in Windsor.

Green Processing Company knows that in these situations buying bins may not be practical. That’s why leasing the containers will help your bottom line.
The program is simple. We offer a 90-day term and after that, you only pay for the days you have the containers.

If you need a container for less than a month our lease to own plan is perfect for you.
Ask about our affordable payment plan. It’s a unique program that will fit your budget.

Choosing plastic containers for sale or lease from Green Processing Company will benefit your business by reducing costs while increasing the quality of your storage and transportation systems.


Featured Plastic Produce Containers


Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 47.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Width): 39.6″
Exterior Top Dimensions (High): 25.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 43.6″
Interior Dimensions (Top Width): 36.0″
Free Space in Product: 18.5″

40x48x25 collapsible plastic produce containers

Visit product page: 40x48x25 Plastic Container


Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 47.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Width): 39.6″
Exterior Top Dimensions (High): 34.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 43.6″
Interior Dimensions (Top Width): 36.0″
Free Space in Product: 27.6″

40x48x34 collapsible plastic produce containers

Visit product page: 40x48x34 Plastic Container


Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 47.3″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Width): 39.6″
Exterior Top Dimensions (High): 50.1″
Exterior Top Dimensions (Length): 43.6″
Interior Dimensions (Top Width): 36.0″
Free Space in Product: 43.4″

40x48x50 collapsible produce plastic containers

Visit product page: 48x40x50 Plastic Container


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