Yard Clean Up Of Post Industrial Plastic Scrap

Clean Up Your Yard By Getting Rid Of Post Industrial Scrap

Post industrial scrap is the by-product of any type of manufacturing process involving the use of plastic materials and substances.  Your operation, in dealing with plastics of various types, may have one or more generators of this type of unwanted material. It could be waste material, such as cut-off plastic pieces as a particular product is finished off; it could be off-spec finished product.  Any unwanted plastics derived from your operation qualify as post industrial plastic scrap (PIS).

The good news is that your post industrial scrap heap is probably wanted, needed, or in demand, for recycling purposes.  So here are some excellent reasons why you should consider a yard or plant clean up of your unwanted plastic scrap.

Good Reasons to Remove Post Industrial Scrap From Your Yard

There are some great reasons why you should consider a cleanup of your operations’ post industrial scrap.  Here are just three:

  • You’ll be doing the right thing – the responsible thing – for the environment.  We all know how important our planet and its health is to all of us.  When you address your PIS issue, you are helping the planet.  Plus, it is great public relations your customers should know about, and will value.
  • When you lose the clutter and nuisance of your PIS, you are also freeing up space in your yard, or in your plant/warehouse. This additional square footage or cubic footage can be used in valuable ways to your operations.
  • There’s money in it!  Our recycling program not only takes care of your PIS, we pay you for it.  Much of your plastic scrap can be reused, and we are happy to pay to get yours.

Consequences of Putting Plastic Waste in Landfills

The least desirable action you can take to be rid of your PIS is to have it taken to a landfill.  Among the reasons you should avoid this option:

  • You’ll be paying to have your plastic scrap hauled away.
  • Landfills are overburdened already; there is no value to adding to the strain already on them

An Alternative to Moving Your Post Industrial Plastic Scrap

The solution is very simple:  Let us handle the entire process for you.  Rather than taking up your time and resources to address your PIS, simply contact us.  We remove your plastic scrap, and pay you for it. It’s that easy. It’s a problem solved.

We Can Use Your Plastic Scrap

The types of plastics we can take off your hands and recycle include:

You can trust us to do the right thing with your plastic scrap.  Our expertise is in making use of exactly these types of materials.  We know what we’re doing; we’ve been at it a long time.

In addition, we can also help with the removal of other types of scrap material you may have, including your broken plastic bins, totes, pallets, and trays.

Why Do We Buy It

We have been asked many times why we buy this scrap plastic material, and we’re very happy to answer that question. Firstly, we like to do our part to ensure that we are environmentally responsible and recycling is certainly an effective way for us to do this. With more awareness of the importance of preserving our environment and being conscious of it, we feel that it’s our responsibility to do what we can.

We also look at your trash as our treasure in a way. Because post industrial plastic scrap tends to be pre contaminated, it allows for high-quality plastic recycling to be possible. We see the value in recycling this plastic material

Why You Should Contact Us for Your Plastic Scrap Removal Needs

For all the above reasons, we hope we’ve clearly explained why it’s a good idea, in many ways, to have your scrap plastics looked after by our recycling program.  Best of all, doing the environmentally responsible thing with your plastics will cost you nothing – quite the opposite – we pay top dollar for your PIS.

Please contact us for your plastic scrap removal needs, or for more info.

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