Plastic Container Guide

At Green Processing Company, our clients rave about our plastic containers, so we thought that we would put together this handy and resourceful Plastic Container Guide to help you see the variety of options available with our plastic containers and some of the many advantages to our plastic containers.

Plastic Containers For All Industries

From automotive to agricultural, no matter what industry you’re in, plastic containers can prove a valuable asset to your business in terms of storage bin solutions. Whether you’re looking to store small automotive parts, tools in your warehouse or ship entire vehicles, our plastic containers offer you the strength, durability and safety that your business needs. Our automotive clients enjoy the peace of mind that when they store parts and tools, they’re stored safely and free from environmental elements. Not only can you rest easy knowing that your inventory is stored safely, but it’s also stored smartly. Our stackable and collapsible container options allow you to optimize your storage space, eliminating wasted space.

When it comes to transporting your goods, our containers are strong and reliable, made from the highest quality plastic materials available. Eco-friendly and reusable, these containers are a winner.

Tools and parts are one thing, but what if you’re storing or transporting delicate materials such as produce? No problem! The growing use and recognition of plastic containers in fresh produce supply chains has opened up many opportunities for the agricultural industry. At Green Processing Company, we’re committed to providing quality packaging, storage and transportation solutions to the agricultural supply chain by way of our plastic containers. These containers offer protection from contamination and pests while maximizing freshness and food safety. Because we use top quality materials, plastic containers can be easily sanitized to ensure that the highest quality assurance standards are met.

Collapsible Containers

Specifications For Any Purpose

Whatever your needs, our plastic containers are available in a variety of options. With one, two or bottom door options, these containers can hold a heavy load, all while providing lightweight storage and transportation solutions. Our customers are always amazed by how little the actual container weights relative to what it can hold. Collapsible containers provide sleek storage options when the container is not in use and stackable containers allow you to easily and effortlessly take advantage of space saving in your warehouse and on your transport trucks.

While these different styles of containers offer you many choices, all plastic containers come in a wide range of sizes to fit all your storage and transit requirements, allowing you to find practical and easy space saving solutions. You can always find what you need.

Lots of Options: New or Used, Buy or Rent Plastic Containers

Given how strong and long-lasting these containers are, used plastic containers are always available for purchase in a variety of sizes and colors. If you’re not in the market for brand new plastic containers, used containers can fit the bill quite effectively, given their long life span. These containers are built tough and built to last through demanding and trying conditions.

If you’re buying new or used containers, you’re always guaranteed to be getting the best and strongest container to keep your inventory safe and secure throughout your production, warehousing and transportation needs.

Need containers on a short-term basis? Then maybe buying them isn’t your most economical option. It’s for this reason that our container leasing program is available. This program allows you to commit for as long or short term as you wish, while never compromising on quality. While we don’t sell individual containers, our customers find that our variety of leasing and buying options provide them with the flexibility that’s often required.

Custom Containers Available Upon Request

Even with all the options available, it is possible that you may have very specific plastic container specification requirements. When this is the case, we’ve got you covered. We make custom containers made to order that take your unique requirements into account. These custom plastic containers are available for bulk orders. Still built with the same quality, strength and durability as our standard containers, our custom orders give you the exact containers that fit your particular needs.

Industrial Packaging Solutions

Let Us Help You!

At Green Processing Company, meeting your storage and shipping needs is our passion, and we’ll go to great lengths to accommodate you. With all the options available, we understand that making these decisions can be overwhelming. Give us a call and we would be happy to go through the best options based on your particular needs. Contact us and you’re guaranteed to walk away with a friendly, professional and positive experience. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with your plastic container selections, which is why we take the time to ensure that you make informed decisions when it comes to your plastic container solutions.

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