Metal Containers

Used Metal Containers Perfect For Every Storing and Transportation Need

Green Processing Company is the preferred choice by companies across North America for their superior quality metal containers including a huge inventory of used models.

A Wide Variety of Used Metal Containers

Green Processing Company has several types of metal containers in our inventory including cages, tubs, and baskets. Services include complete refurbishing, washing, and tracking.

With locations in Ontario (Canada), Texas, and North Carolina, we have thousands of used metal containers in stock.

Metal Containers
Metal Container Leasing

Forklift Accessible and Stackable Metal Containers

Our line of used metal tubs is perfect with importance placed on loading capacity and durability. They’re designed and built to last and are forklift accessible and stackable.

Our sales team works closely with our customers ensuring the highest standards and reliability of our used metal containers.

Read more about Stackable Containers and metal container repair.

Used Metal Containers For Sale


What makes your product different in the marketplace compared to your competitors?

We offer refurbished products of the highest quality, thoroughly checking every component and making sure the packaging is completely repaired, and most importantly, safe. We also offer the largest inventory of ready-to-ship packaging in North America.

How critical is packaging in manufacturing process?

Packaging is absolutely essential in the manufacturing process. After the part are made, they need to be stored until they are shipped to the final destination. And when the parts are shipped, it needs to ship in packaging. Lastly, reusable packaging is a cost-savings alternative to expendable packaging, not to mention the environmental benefits as well.

How often do your clients order?

It depends on the customer, some order weekly (or even more often) and we are also happy to service one-time and irregular orders.

What's the top 3 problems you solve for your clients?

  • We offer leasing solutions, for customers that require an influx in packaging.
  • We repair packaging, so that our customers do not have to purchase brand new packaging.
  • We offer very fast availability and delivery, much quicker than the industry norm.

Do you sell your products to private individuals?

Sometimes we do, but it depends on the quantity required. Most of our sales is business-to-business.

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