Post Industrial Plastic Scrap

What Is Industrial Plastics Scrap? Can it Be Recycled?

When plastics products are manufactured, there is some scrap plastic that is generated. This is the post industrial plastic scrap and as its name suggests, it’s likely useless, unusable waste, right? Wrong. While it may be unusable in its current state, Green Processing Company buys this plastic waste and recycles it, allowing your company to financially benefit. What you may see as plastic waste, we see as recyclable plastics.

What Kind Of Post Industrial Plastics Do We Buy for Recycling?

When buying plastic, we purchase a wide variety of types of plastic. We purchase PET, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). PP, PVC and HIPS. This allows you to really maximize the value of your industrial plastic scrap. You can ensure that when you’re selling your post industrial waste, you’re getting top dollar for it, when you trust our post industrial plastic recycling program.

What Kind Of Post Industrial Plastic Scrap Do We Buy

Why Do We Buy Industrial Plastics Scrap?

We have been asked many times why we buy this scrap plastic material, and we’re very happy to answer that question. Firstly, we like to do our part to ensure that we are environmentally responsible and recycling is certainly an effective way for us to do this. With more awareness of the importance of preserving our environment and being conscious of it, we feel that it’s our responsibility to do what we can.

We also look at your trash as our treasure in a way. Because post industrial plastic scrap tends to be pre contaminated, it allows for high-quality plastic recycling to be possible. We see the value in recycling this plastic material

What Else Do We Buy For Our Industrial Plastics Recycling Program?

In addition to assisting you with your post industrial plastic recycling needs, we also buy your damaged and broken plastic bins, totes, pallets and trays. At Green Processing Company, we take pride in being able to provide our valued customers with a variety of services to assist you in the quality and sustainability of your business.

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Why You Should Call Us

At Green Processing Company, we have built our reputation on solid customer care, reliability, dependability and top-notch service. When you hire us to buy your plastics products, you can count on us to show up on time and work efficiently and effectively, causing little disruption to your daily operations. We will then automatically send you a cheque. It’s that easy. Contact us to learn more about how you can turn your post industrial plastic scrap into cash.

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