Recyclable Packaging

What Is Recyclable packaging?

Recyclable packaging is any form of packaging that can be reused and recycled. Thankfully, it’s become easier than ever to package products with recyclable materials. A lot of companies choose to use recyclable materials for their packaging because they want to minimize their environmental impact or want to reduce their landfill waste output. No matter the reason, for these companies, their commitment to recycling is making a major difference as packaging continues to be a huge source of waste in Canada, the United States, and the world.

The advantages of recyclable packaging

When we talk about the advantages of recyclable packaging, it begins with knowing recycling in and of itself is the process of creating new items from used materials. When we recycle, it means we don’t need to expend the energy to procure or manufacture new materials to create a product. Subsequently, when we reuse and reuse, it prevents this material from ending up in our landfills. Across North America, we continue to have very limited space in our landfills. Anything we can do to limit what we have to put into these landfills, we should be doing.

The advantages of recycling packaging

The most recycled form of packaging in the world is aluminum cans. Did you know recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to power your flat-screen TV for 3 hours – it’s true! Aluminum cans are far from the only form of packaging that can be recycled as paper and plastics can also be recycled. Unfortunately, not all types of plastics can be recycled which is precisely why plastic bags are so problematic and why they are being phased out in society. Packaging currently makes up a third of all waste that we send to landfills in Canada. If packaging materials are recyclable, it reduces that number which is a very good thing.

Industries Are Shifting To Recyclable Packaging

Slowly, changes are happening although not fast enough. Corporations across North America are looking at ways to replace non-recyclable packaging with materials that can be recycled. In the years to come, expect to see more alternatives in packaging be introduced by corporations and manufacturers seeking ways to improve their environmental record. Needless to say, when one has recyclable packaging, it does a great deal to help our environment.

The benefits of using recyclable packaging are considerable as they save raw materials, manufacturing energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Having the ability to recycle packaging has also allowed our society to create economic activity and new industrial infrastructure around it.

Industries Are Shifting To Recycling Packaging

Perhaps the biggest limitation of recyclable packaging is the lack of recycling facilities that handle the current volume of waste. Thankfully, more are being built every year. Furthermore, the market for recycled packaging is vast and in demand with companies of all sizes seeking ways to introduce recycled products into their supply chain. As we continue to build this new infrastructure for recyclable packaging and as manufacturers continue to adopt recyclable packaging, this is going to take a huge chunk out of what we send to landfills and will make a hugely positive environmental impact.

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