Bulk Plastic Containers

Bulk plastic containers are an excellent choice for any manufacturing facility or container warehousing. They’re used frequently during picking, assembly, processing, and distribution, employed by industries ranging from international pharmaceutical companies to poultry, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, bakeries, produce, apparel companies, and electronics.

In buying bulk plastic containers, they serve a great dual purpose in both storage as well as transportation. Plastic pallets are built to last and should last up to a decade or longer quite easily. They’re also ideal for moving fragile products, requiring added protection to avoid the risk of damage or spill.

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Here’s a little more insight into the world of plastic containers.

The Advantage Of Plastic

There are many reasons why we go to plastics for bulk containers and bins. Firstly, the bins can be used again and again, and still retain the same performance which is something you can’t always say for non-plastic alternatives. They are also stackable containers that save on storage space, regardless of whether you’re on a large-scale industrial site or a mid-sized manufacturing warehouse.

Bulk plastic containers are also made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials and can be recycled again at the end of their use. Another benefit is that plastics are more affordable than metal or other materials. Furthermore, they’re very easy to clean. If there’s a spill of any kind or should it happen to become dirty in some way, you don’t need to exert large amounts of effort trying to get it clean.

What types of Bulk plastic containers are available

There are many types of plastic containers available, including bulk plastic storage with lids and without, collapsible containers, new industrial plastic totes, used industrial plastic totes, and plastic sets. They’re all made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), designed for automotive environments. This is great for any manufacturer as they know they’re going to get something with the load capacity, rugged design, and durability to last. There are also industrial-grade bulk plastic containers that are durable and designed to prioritize on-site efficiency.

The design of bulk plastic containers includes reinforced legs which makes lifting and transportation easy with the right heavy equipment. Green Processing Company has some of the lightest plastic containers in the industry as well and never at the expense of strength nor performance. You may also choose to add custom labeling, such as ID tags at the base of a container, labels on the doors and walls or placards. These are all features that can be included when/if necessary.

Bulk Plastic Containers In The US and Canada

Buy Containers In bulk and save with a cheaper, more affordable rate

When you buy in bulk, you’re saving a ton on what you’d pay accumulating plastic containers individually one-by-one.

Here are some other great advantages to buying plastic bulk containers.

  • Stack up to nine high.
  • Enjoy plastic, ergonomic latches allowing easy access and lock.
  • Plastic hinges on an access door mean you can drop flush against the container.
  • The lightweight allows you to ship more products at lower costs and also reduces return costs.
  • The design of a plastic bulk container from Green Processing Company works from base strength, increasing the life of the container and maximizing weight in the right way. The I-Beam welded tech increases base strength by up to 40% compared to other containers.
  • Receive a container with a high impact strength rating, reducing customer cost and risk of damage.

Collapsible bulk Plastic Containers save on storage

Collapsible bulk storage containers are extremely advantageous as they collapse into themselves when not in use.

That means they don’t need to sit around in your warehouse taking up valuable space.

When you need them, it’s a quick setup.

When you don’t, within seconds, you can fold them down and put them away until next time. Plastic collapsible bins are made from durable plastics, sure to protect the container throughout the course of its lifespan.

New Bulk Plastic Containers

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Used Bulk Plastic Containers

New Bulk Plastic Totes

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Used Bulk Plastic Totes

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Green Processing Company is a packaging solutions company that has the largest selection of bulk plastic containers in North America. Its products are distributed in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Designed to meet a wide range of applications, choose yours from collapsible to straight-wall models. Receive the strength and durability you want, need, and demand!

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