Hospice Life Walk, Green Processing Company

On Saturday, May 11th, Green Processing Company donated and sponsored a team of employees for the Hospice LifeWalk. Windsor Hospice is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019.

It is through the generosity and dedication of community-minded organizations that they are able to offer programs and services at no cost to those who need them. All donations from the LifeWalk will stay local and will benefit more than 47 Wellness Programs available at Hospice. Through events like the LifeWalk, they are able to uphold their Hospice mandate, which is to Support, Educate and Empower those dealing with or caring for someone facing a life-altering diagnosis.

The Hospice is proud to provide compassionate care at no cost to all patients, families, and caregivers who use their services. So many of us have been touched in some way through an experience with Hospice-whether as a patient, a family member or as a volunteer. The support of the community is important and helps so many.

It was Green Processing’s honor and privilege to be part of such an amazing cause and to give back to the community.

Hospice Life Walk, Green Processing Company
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