Dear Green Processing Company,

Hi! I am Lion Mary DeMott Secretary of the Gaines Area Lions Club. I am writing on behalf of both the Gaines Area Lions Club and the Stitching Corner of Gaines. Our Lions Club is sponsoring the Stitching Corner of Gaines club. It is a fairly new club (since September 15, 2016). Its purpose was started to show what Lions are and what they support, as well as give community members a chance to get to know other community members and get help with their unfinished projects. As of now, we have 9 members.

When an Occupational Therapist found out that I had made the weighted blankets for the classroom I worked in. She asked if I could make them for other classrooms. The school offered to buy the materials and pay for my time. When I told her how expensive the pellets were, it was no longer a possibility.

Then our Lions District 11D1 started a Covered In Love Blanket Project (to be given to hospitals, veterans, seniors and other needy organizations). We asked the ladies if they would like to be a part of this program. The answer was a unanimous yes. Now we are doing both, working on personal projects, as well as a venue for other projects to help those in need.

Gaines Area Lions Club, as well as Linden Lions Club, has donated money for purchasing the fleece for tied blankets. We have made 57 fleece tied blankets so far and donated them all to first responders (police & fire) in Gaines and surrounding areas. And just in time for this cold snap, we are experiencing now.

When Steve Anderson joined our Lions Club, because of his resale and computer knowledge, he was asked if he could find us some beads. You were the answer to our prayers! The plastic pellets you donated to the Stitching Corner of Gaines have so far been used to make 6 weighted blankets, 11 lap pads, and 6 neck wraps for Autistic children primarily, as well as other special needs children. We use fleece material for their assembly as it is soft and soothing. We have been asked by others for more of these items. We do not charge anything for any of the things we have given away.

We as well as the children greatly appreciate your generosity! We could not have made them without your help.

We are hoping to continue to make useful things to be given to cancer patients, veterans, seniors, preemie babies at hospitals and wherever there is a need.

Again, thank you so much for your enormous generosity. You are a blessing to us and many others!

With complete sincerity,

Lion Mary DeMottSecretary
Gaines Area Lions Club/Stitching Corner of Gaines

Gaines Area Lions Club Facebook Page.

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