Waste Reduction Week in Canada is coming up this October 16-22 and to celebrate it, Green Processing Company will be using reusable bottles for all of its operations throughout the week.

Issues of sustainability and responsible consumption have always been important to us at Green Processing Company. In part, it’s what our entire business model is based on.

After all, refurbishing plastic containers, managing green industrial recycling, and handling the sales and design of environmentally-friendly metal containers in Canada, the United States, and internationally is what we are best known for.

Waste Reduction Week is very much founded on the same principles. #WasteReductionWeek is a national environmental campaign designed to build awareness of environmentally responsible products and services and to promote action diverting waste from disposal, and ultimately conserving as many natural resources as possible.

The events schedule features themed days including Circular Economy and Kick-Off on Monday, Textiles on Tuesday, Celebrating Champions & Innovators on Wednesday, Plastics on Thursday, Food Waste on Friday, and Swap, Share, and Repair on Saturday and Sunday.

There are many different ways to get involved with Waste Reduction Week. Green Processing Company encourages all of our business partners, colleagues, and followers to make their own proclamations for the week, to look into environmentally sustainable resources, or to engage in the conversation via social media.

Green Processing Company has ongoing business throughout North America with partners all over the continent. We are always happy to let our flag fly when it comes to green-friendly partnerships within the industrial, corporate, and small business landscape.

There are so many underutilized opportunities in business to recycle and create a more sustainable future for Canada. Every day, we partner with businesses seeking to get the most out of their waste. When it comes to plastic and industrial recycling, we take materials that have been traditionally discarded to make something meaningful, re-purposing them for a new generation of use. GPC’s success in this space has resulted in us now having recycling lines across Canada and the United States, turning our environmentally sustainable commitment into something real.

Today, the Green Processing Company handles more than 3.5 million pounds of plastic every month. We try to do our part in making the environment greener, maximizing available resources, and ensuring that any waste is put to as good a use as it can be. Presently, we have full-time facilities in Windsor, Ontario; Cleveland, Ohio; and Laredo, Texas. At each of these facilities, there are knowledgeable and experienced personnel, 24-hour security, and a management team with more than 20 years overseeing the recycling and container management.

Green Processing Company’s participation in Waste Reduction Week is entirely our pleasure. For anyone looking to get involved, please visit Green Processing Company Homepage for more information. There are na umber of education, outreach, and fundraising events to take part in. Finding environmentally sustainable solutions for the future should be a part of every company’s game plan. We are proud to partner with this organization in supporting green sustainable businesses, waste re-purposing and recycling, packaging solutions, and entrepreneurs in the green marketplace.

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