Plastic Shipping Containers

What Are Plastic Shipping Containers Used For?

You would be challenged to find an industry that doesn’t’ use plastic containerscollapsible containers, plastic pallets, or plastic totes to move products. Products that need to be stored and moved such as processed food, fruits and vegetables, poultry, meat, and seafood are even moved using different bins and totes. Because they can be designed for heavy-duty use or for less intense application, everyone from manufacturing companies to general storage, parts organization, and parts distribution strategies can utilize shipping containers.

If you’re preparing to ship over long distances, shipping containers are oftentimes the best, safest way to get your product to its destination. If you’re not familiar with the dos and don’ts of shipping containers, it can be a bit of a hassle trying to locate everything you need and having to coordinate.

Plastic Shipping Container Mistakes

The most common mistakes people make with shipping containers are failing to fill out the correct forms, not purchasing the right type of shipping container related to the product they wish to ship, and not securing packages properly. For some businesses, they have found out the hard way with damaged product or packages that have been delayed at customs. Particularly as it applies to going over the border, it’s integral that information is filled incorrectly. When there are delays, it doesn’t reflect well on your business and puts your customer relationships at risk. It can also increase your bottom line with the potential of fines.

Getting an Education on Shipping Practices

There are likely some key requirements to keep in mind when shipping, especially if you’re sending shipping containers to another country. You want to ensure you know any regulations relating to exporting or importing. Calculating your full cost of shipping should factor in any duties or taxes applying to your shipments, costs of packaging materials, and the labor required to prepare goods for shipping. Before sending out a bill, ensure you’ve done your homework so that you’re not hit with unexpected costs you have to cover on your own.

Another great thing you can do to make your experience with shipping containers easy is to purchase logistics software. Electronic shipping forms can help make filling in information easy, will manage your shipping accounts all from the same interface, and can help with commercial invoicing.

45 X 48 X 50 Windsor New Plastic Collapsible Container Ropak Buckhor Xytec Orbis Monoflo Triple Diamond Ssi Schaefer
New Plastic Container 45x48x25 Collapsible Black Blue Ropak Buckhor Xytec Orbis Monoflo Triple Diamond Ssi Schaefer
shipping totes for sale
shipping totes for sale

How to Choose the Right Plastic Shipping Container

Unlike the large metal shipping containers, also known as sea containers, You may choose used plastic containers, New Plastic Containers, wooden pallets, used plastic totes, new plastic totes, pallets for sale and trays, or Gaylord boxes. Which one’s most appropriate for your needs depends on what you’re trying to transport. No matter which one it is, your product should always be safe and the container should be durable enough to protect against damage. For example, larger crates are more ideal for large objects and fragile merchandise, while totes are excellent for solvents, liquids, and industrial supplies.

Another key aspect of shipping containers to remember is that they’re oftentimes going to be shoved into some pretty tight places. If they’re over-stuffed, it could result in damaged products and/or additional shipping fees. Always sure to pack up to the edges and nothing over. If you’re transporting something expensive, you may want to choose a shipping container that will conceal it and ensure it’s not tampered with. If you’re concerned about costs, thankfully, there’s the option of choosing used plastic containers or used plastic totes.

If you have questions about what’s the right shipping container for shipping, storing, and handling your products, or other packaging solutions, contact a representative at Green Processing Company. We would love to help direct you to the most appropriate shipping container. Shipping containers are used by various industries, customizable according to size, condition, and material needed.

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As one of the most environmentally friendly shipping container companies in North America, we provide only the highest quality products to our clients across the United States and Canada.

Usable For Both Shipping And Storage

After you receive a shipping container, you’ll no doubt find it suitable for applications in storage as well. Some of our shipping containers are stackable, which makes them ideal for saving on space both in the container warehouse as well as in transportation. They’re ruggedly built, easy to handle, and economical choices for almost any business who needs to coordinate products about to be shipped, products received, or products designated in storage for shipping. They’re easy to label and track as well.

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Other Possible Advantages To Plastic Shipping Containers And Plastic Bins

Should you choose to go with a plastic shipping container, you’re not alone. Most businesses prefer dealing with plastic as opposed to metal or wood in storage and in shipping. That’s because plastic is always sealed and intact, leaving them resistant to things like insect damage, rust, and corrosion. They’re stackable, of course, which is not always the case with other materials. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. They’re versatile in the product they can carry safely, ranging from baked goods to seafood, confectionery products, electronics, and more. They’re also safe from water absorption and any difficulties which could come associated with that.

Please feel encouraged to browse the available shipping container options with Green Processing Company for your packaging solutions. If you have any questions on the benefits or advantages a shipping container could contribute to your business, don’t hesitate to contact a representative today.

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