There’s no questioning Detroit being one of America’s biggest cultural city icons. Though in recent years it may have seen some rougher times, all signs point to Detroit being on an upswing. With a clear focus on revitalization in Detroit, it’s important to take note of the part that recycling has to play in all of this.

As a premiere North American recycling company based out of Windsor, Canada, we look at Detroit as our sister city and it’s important to us that Detroit gets the comeback that has long been coming to it.

Despite positivity in the air, we admit Detroit needs some work when it comes to recycling. Though there are many opportunities to recycle, Detroit still produces a lot of waste. Compared to other states where city household recycling rates are sometimes 50 percent and higher, Detroit’s rate currently sits at roughly 15 percent.

From an industrial perspective, and with Detroit being known as a major centre of car manufacturing, junk cars are among the top recycled products in the United States. It’s been estimated that as much as 85 percent of a car’s components are recyclable, which makes it all the more important to jump on board the recycling movement in Detroit.

So much of Detroit’s history is used as a way to define the city, including being the automobile capital of the United States, creating the Motown sound in popular music, and for the role that the city has had to play in molding American culture. As much as we respect the city’s past, we think looking towards the future is where Detroit’s best prospects are. For example, as a part of its revitalization, Detroit is very business-friendly, encouraging start-ups and corporations to move in and set up shop. Also, as a travel destination, it was recently listed as a top 10 city by Lonely Planet.

There are many events held year-round in Detroit, including none bigger than the North American International Auto Show Scheduled this year for January 20-24, 2018, Detroit will be welcoming in some of the world’s top automotive executives, innovators, engineers, and designers.

NAIAS is going to be a big event for Detroit and seeing as we are a company fixated on recycling, we believe there to be still many opportunities that exist for the city to increase its recycling input/output.

This January and in celebration of the North American International Auto Show, we would like to give a big shout out to all of our partners and clients in Detroit who are doing their part. For all that Detroit has created for the American people and the world, by increasing recycling efforts, the city can continue to reduce what’s being sent to its landfills and continue conserving its resources.

At Green Processing Company, we operate multiple shredding and grinding lines across Canada and the United States, specializing in plastic, metal, and industrial recycling. We refurbish, sell, lease, wash, and track. Every month, we recycle approximately 3.5 million pounds of broken down, obsolete materials. To any Detroit businesses seeking to recycle plastic or metal, we encourage them to get in touch. We would be happy to discuss the different options available and to help play even a tiny role in the ongoing revitalization of one of America’s greatest cities, Detroit.

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