Plastic Scrap Recycling is a Low-Cost Solution to Creating Less Waste

At a time when plastic scrap recycling rates are reaching an all-time high and climbing by the year, there’s still so much more that we can do as a society to move towards even higher percentages of recycling. In the past, there have been many excuses serving corporations who may have not been so inclined to come around to recycling. For decades, the infrastructure to recycle was not necessarily always there, the efficiency of moving plastic scrap recycling was questionable, and there was a cost attached to it. Today, low-cost, efficient plastic scrap recycling is the norm.

More businesses than ever before are choosing to become environmentally-oriented organizations, turning over their plastic waste for recycling. Companies such as Green Processing Company are happy to provide the resources and cost-effective infrastructure to make plastic scrap recycling a reality.

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Throughout the past month, plastic recycling has seen its fair share of press in the news. China recently announced it was banning the import of plastic waste, resulting in countries such as Canada and the United States being forced to examine where they are to deposit their plastic waste. In the meantime, countries such as the UK have continued to publish promising data suggesting plastic scrap recycling rates to be as high as 25-40 percent of total plastic scrap waste. Though these may be considered strong recycling rates by some, we believe the world can do better.

As Canada and the United States continue to move towards higher rates of recycling as a whole, plastic scrap recycling is a category that is set to grow in the years to come. For small businesses seeking cost-effective plastic scrap recycling, it has never been easier than it is today with Green Processing Company.

Every year, North America produces a significant amount of consumer and industrial plastic scrap waste. As a response, companies such as Green Processing Company are partnering with some of North America’s top environmentally-conscious organizations to process their plastic scraps into useful products. By continuing to partner with new and existing clients across Canada and the United States, it is our hope to play a leading role in reducing plastic pollution globally. There is a wide range of plastic scrap recycling options available to businesses across North America and for more information on those options, we invite any party interested to contact us.

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When it comes to plastic, the non-biodegradable characteristic of it means that getting plastic out of our waste streams and landfills must be a high priority. If we don’t curb the ways we dispose of plastic, the amount of it will continue to grow. Remember, every year, more than eight million tonnes of plastic ends up somewhere in the world’s oceans. Anyone can fly over the Pacific Ocean today and see a collection of plastic that exceeds the size of Texas. That big ball of plastic is just sitting there, continuing to grow. It’s events like these that highlight the accumulation of plastic in our oceans and in the environment as a serious environmental concern.

As North American cities continue to outline zero waste targets and pursue policies designed to lower the amount of waste entering our landfills, plastic scrap recycling for small businesses and consumers are going to play a sizeable role in this. Every month, Green Processing Company recycles more than 3.5 million pounds of North American plastic, gathered from plastic container recycling processes. If you are seeking a partner in post-consumer or post-industrial plastic scrap recycling, we would be happy to connect you with the resources you need to become an environmentally responsible partner. By committing to plastic scrap recycling, we can all do our part in reducing the impact of manufacturing and the costs associated with gathering raw materials. Join us in our mission to increase plastic scrap recycling rates continentally and globally!

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