This upcoming October 22-25 weekend in Detroit, Michigan, thousands of corporations, executives, and multinationals will be in attendance for the 2017 NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange. The Green Processing Company are proud to count ourselves among the attendees. There is a lot of expertise that the Green Processing Company brings to the table and we are excited at the opportunity of sharing that with other members of the international corporate world. There is no one that does it better when it comes to the sale and manufacturing of new and used plastic containers, the management and handling of green industrial recycling, and environmentally-friendly metal container sales and design. There are many developing and underdeveloped opportunities in the business world to recycle. Throughout the time we have been in operation, Green Processing Company had tried to do its part in making the world a greener place. We do this by making use of the waste outputted by other businesses. For example, plastic and industrial recycling is a developing marketplace with many opportunities to make good use out of material that has been traditionally discarded and forgotten about. Delving into our journey into plastic and industrial recycling, Green Processing Company now has recycling lines across Canada and the United States both. Shredding, grinding, we do it all! At the 2017 NMSDC Conference, Green Processing Company would be happy to discuss how we can help you make use of your company’s waste and/or additional stock.

About The MNSDC

Since the 1970s, the NMSDC organization has been seeking more business opportunities for Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native American business enterprises. The Green Processing Company is proud to be a member and in supporting these efforts, it is the hope to build a more diverse business landscape. As a minority-owned business, Green Processing Company understands the value in what this organization does. The NMSDC has already connected more than 12,000 minority-owned businesses with its network of corporate members, including some of the United States’ largest public and private companies, healthcare organizations, and college and universities. The NMDC has more than 1,750 corporate members – a number that continues to grow with each passing year.

Green Processing Company And The NMSDC

Today, the Green Processing Company handles more than 3.5 million pounds of plastic every month. As proud as we are of that number, we are always trying to do more. This has brought us to this NMSDC conference. We are excited at the business opportunities, partnerships, and initiatives that are ahead. We are a busy company but never too busy to help other companies in need. Presently, we have full-time facilities in Windsor, Ontario; Cleveland, Ohio; and Laredo, Texas. At each of these facilities, there are knowledgeable and experienced personnel, 24-hour security, and a management team with more than 20 years overseeing the container recycling and management.

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