New Containers 

Bulk Containers (Collapsible Containers)

Green Processing Company offers brand new collapsible containers, plastic pallets for sale, and Totes sets. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is used to make this plastic recyclable packaging, including some recycled content.

The containers are designed for rugged automotive use, loading capacity, and durability. We recognize the need for a durable container that will be stacked and loaded in an automotive environment. The container bases have re-enforced legs, where the majority of damage from fork trucks occurs. The new generation of containers has the maximum loading efficiency of any brand, with 540 (collapsed) containers 30 x 32 and 252 (collapsed) container 45 x 48 fitting on a standard 53’ semi trailer.

GREEN’s containers allow for the maximum amount of ‘pay eight’ per container. While our containers are the lightest in the industry, the strength is not compromised. The 30 x 32 containers weigh 50-62 lbs each, while the 45 x 48 containers are only 100-118 lbs.

Our new containers are interchangeable with all other brands and models, allowing them to be introduced to current container fleets. All of the containers are 4-way forklift accessible, ergonomically proper, and completely collapsible. Custom labeling can be added, including ID tags at the base of the container, labels on the doors and walls, and placards.

Plastic Totes & Pallet Sets

Similar to other new packaging offered by GREEN, the new or used plastic totes for sale, and pallet for sale that are made with HDPE and considered the most durable products in the industry. The totes are offered in a variety of common automotive sizes with footprints including 12 x 7, 12 x 15, 24 x 15, and 24 x 22. Standard colors include yellow, grey, black, blue, and green, but custom colors are also available.

We offer labeling for all totes, including hot stamps, custom labels, and placards. Labeling is included in our standard pricing. The totes are interchangeable with all other brands and models.

The pallets and lids are the most durable in the industry, including a 4-way accessible HDPE pallet and injection molded lid. The pallet sets are offered with or without seat belts and buckles.

Everything you want to know about plastic pallets

The Green Processing Advantage

Injection molded bulk plastic containers are strong and durable. The containers feature a low tare weight and stack nine high.
Longer Life: Our container is superior in impact strength translating to longer life and reduced long-term customer cost.

More for less: Lower tare weight results in shipping more actual product, and therefore, higher yield at lower delivered cost of your manufactured goods. Plus, greater nest return ratio reduces return costs making our bulk containers a lower cost to operate round trip.

Strength to outperform: Improved base strength increases the life of the container.

Bulk Containers

Newly re-engineered to be even more durable, they out-perform and are less expensive than competitive containers.
All our bulk containers fold for highly efficient stacking when not in use and can be customized to feature access doors and RFID tagging options.


Features & Benefits

  • I-Beam welded technology increases base strength by up to 40%
  • Monoflo’s unique, welded base provides structural integrity that outperforms the competition… test after test
  • All plastic, ergonomic latches
  • Strong, durable plastic hinges allow the access door to drop flush against the container
  • Smooth, reinforced fork openings for easy access
  • Highly visible, flat labeling area on all four sides
  • Fully repairable
  • RFID tagging

Straight Wall Containers

The right containers for your application are critical.
Available in multiple sizes and compatible with other containers to optimize your packaging system.


Features & Benefits

  • I-Beam welded technology increases base strength by up to 40%
  • Straight, smooth interior wall design offers maximum cube utilization and easy cleaning
  • Enhanced ergonomic handles for improved comfort and safety
  • Reinforced external ribbing provides maximum strength and secure stacking
  • Perimeter bumper for optimal product protection
  • Identification areas on every side to enhance content tracking and labeling
  • Drain holes in bumper and handles for easy washing
  • Compatible with the 48” x 45” AIAG pallet system
  • Available in 12” x 15”, 24” x 15”, and 24” x 22” footprints, with multiple heights

Foldable Containers

Foldable containers provide strong, secure materials handling within minimal space. They are durable and reusable while providing optimal storage and stacking. In addition, these hand-held foldable containers are AIAG 48×45 compatible and offer key features that provide flexible use no matter what your application.


Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic carrying handles are designed for safer lifting
  • Foldable tote knock down ratios as high as 5:1
  • Custom access doors available
  • Compatibility with standard 48” x 40” pallet systems
  • Compatibility with AIAG 48″ x 45″ pallet systems
  • Lower transportation costs and warehouse storage costs (see containers warehousing)
  • Large label and cardholder areas on each collapsible container provide easy identification and improved inventory control
  • Optional lids offer increased protection
  • Foldable functionality brings significant savings on inbound freight

Ready to Ship

Green Processing Company is committed to stocking brand new product, including thousands of bulk containers and pallet sets. The new products is in stock in Windsor, ON and Laredo, TX.

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