Collapsible Plastic Containers

Used by more than a dozen industries in North America, collapsible plastic containers give the opportunity to store and transport a wide variety of items.

There are several benefits to this type of bulk storage containers that make them a go-to choice for so many companies. If you’re thinking about potentially purchasing collapsible containers to move parts, items, or materials, here are a few advantages to keep in mind.

They’re not bulky when not in use.

Perhaps the biggest reason why bulk plastic containers are preferred is that they’re collapsible. This reduces the amount of storage space required to hold them in, when not in use. The four sides of your container collapse inwardly which makes it easy to stack and store as needed.

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They’re being used by the competition.

No matter what industry you’re in, we can almost guarantee at least one of your competitors is using collapsible plastic containers. Some of the workplaces where they are most common include aerospace, agriculture, retail and apparel, appliance manufacturing and transportation, automotive, bakery, electronics, food and beverage, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, produce, storage, warehousing, and waste management.

Collapsible plastic containers are cost-effective.

If you’re a manufacturing company, normally, you’re going to need one product to store what you make and then, a second product to ship it. Collapsible storage containers have a dual purpose, resolving your shipping and storage needs. Save yourself the capital of having to invest in additional infrastructure by going with an advanced product like this. Compared to traditional shipping containers alone, a company is reducing its return shipping expenses.

A bulk plastic container is perfect for non-traditional products.

If it doesn’t fit neatly on a traditional wood pallet because of its bulkiness or its size, a bin with four walls is one of the perfect packaging solutions. Much more practical for non-traditional, non-standard sized items, when you ship inside a new plastic container, it’s just as safe and secure as a pallet – in some cases, more so. The bottom dimensions of your bin are also pallet-sized, meaning they can be easily implemented into existing manufacturing processes and easily fit on warehouse forklifts.

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You have more available storage space.

Having fixed walls means you can fit more inside what you would on a non-wall platform. Collapsible plastic containers are also stackable and having them stacked does not sacrifice safety either. The fixed plastic walls are rigid in fabrication and design. Rest assured in knowing your contents will be safe in their journey. Simply put, you get to ship more and know that it’s safe.

Collapsible plastic containers can be reused.

Collapsible bulk containers can be reused again and again, compared to wood and corrugated cardboard which has a significantly shorter lifespan. For companies that have used wood and cardboard, they get damaged over time and rather quickly, it becomes impossible to reuse them. Thick plastics are very rugged and built for the wear and tear of everyday use. As they’re maneuvered and transported, they’re much better off guarding against possible damage.

There’s no safer way to transport inventory.

Using durable walls of plastic, you’ll find yourself with a design optimized for safety and protection. The latches are built strong and the polyethylene walls maintain shape throughout any journey.

These are just a few of the advantages of collapsible plastic containers, and some of the reasons why they’re being chosen by more and more companies across Canada and the United States and Mexico.

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