Bulk Collapsible Containers

Bulk Collapsible Containers

Take Advantage of Collapsible Containers

Across North America, an increasing number of industries are taking advantage of collapsible plastic containers to store and transport a variety of products.

They choose these sturdy, reliable bulk storage containers because of their many practical uses and benefits. If you haven’t purchased collapsible containers to move your goods, there are many advantages you should know about.

Types Of Collapsible Containers

Green Processing Company has a large inventory of metal and plastic collapsible containers that includes:

Bulk Collapsible Containers Save Space When Not in Use

That’s right. They’re collapsible. The four sides of the bulk containers collapse inwardly which makes them easy to stack and store in your facility.

Bulk collapsible containers will satisfy your shipping and storage needs. Instead of needing different containers to store and ship, this product does both. You no longer need to invest in additional infrastructure with an advanced product like ours significantly reducing your shipping costs.

Collapsible plastic containers are stackable and do not sacrifice safety. They are designed for safety and protection with rigid fixed polyethylene plastic walls and strong latches so your contents will be safe while traveling. You can ship more, knowing your goods are always safe.

Bulk Collapsible Metal Containers

Collapsible Containers Can Be Reused

Wood and corrugated cardboard have a short lifespan. They get damaged over time and can’t be used. But not collapsible containers. They can be reused again and again. Green Processing plastic containers are rugged and built for the punishment of everyday use, giving the protection you want against possible damage during shipping.

Your Competition is Using Collapsible Containers

One or more of your competitors is using collapsible plastic containers. They include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture (Produce Containers)
  • Bakery, food, and beverage
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing and transportation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail and apparel
  • Storage, warehousing
  • Waste management

Plastic Has a Long Life Over Wood

When goods aren’t compatible with traditional wood pallets because they’re too bulky, companies choose collapsible plastic containers as the perfect packaging solution. They’re more practical for non-traditional, non-standard sized items, safer and more secure than a pallet.

Companies also like them because the bottom of the containers is pallet-sized, so easily adapt to existing manufacturing processes and fit on warehouse forklifts.

Companies with storage issues take advantage of collapsible storage containers regardless of their operations and capacity. A business with significant storage and shipping activity wants the cost-effective solutions offered by collapsible bulk plastic containers.

Green Processing Company offers collapsible bulk containers for every need, protecting your products during picking, assembly, processing, storage, fixed wall, and distribution applications.

Perfectly Engineered for Durability and Long Life

Collapsible containers are space-saving containers perfectly engineered for durability and longevity. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they’re a durable material that will protect your product throughout the duration of the container’s life.

They fold easily for storage and their doors are made with articulating hinges allowing an open door to lay flat against the side of the container for tighter, safer storage.

If you’re using storage products that can’t handle bulky products or weight, you’re risking the safety and adversely affecting your efficiency. Collapsible plastic containers allow products to be stored for easy pick-up and because they’re stackable and collapse flat within seconds. They’re a unique storage option for manufacturing or distribution. Companies that use these containers reduce waste, increase the speed of selection and delivery times, and provide a cleaner environment for employees and customers.

Need Bulk Metal Containers Or A Custom Design?

Green Processing Company also has a wide variety of metal bulk containers including cages, tubs, and baskets. Strong, durable and made to last for years, they’re a smart solution for safely transporting your precious goods.

If you need a custom-designed metal container that’s never a problem. Send us a data model or sample photos and our team of experts will work with you to design and fabricate the perfect metal container for your needs.

Collapsible Containers

You Can Lease These Innovative  Bulk Collapsible Containers

Green Processing Company offers a container leasing program that caters to your budget and can be shipped within 24 hours. We offer a 90-day term and after that, you only pay for the days you have the containers. If you need a container for less than a month our lease to own plan is perfect for you. Ask about Green Processing’s affordable payment plan. It’s a unique program that will fit your budget.

Read more: Should you buy or lease containers??

Bulk Collapsible Containers

Why Collapsible Containers Are Right For Your Business

The perfect storage solution for any business is a container allowing a simple way of storing a product and moving the goods safely and efficiently.

Expert in industrial packaging solutions, Green Processing Company knows you need quick access to the contents and while stored take up as little space as possible.

Collapsible storage containers do all that.

Choose high-quality bulk collapsible containers from Green Processing Company today to support your business with world-class storage solutions!



Can containers safely be stacked?

Yes, containers can be stacked, higher usually in a warehouse, that in transit. It’s best to ask about the particular size to make sure.

What makes your product different in the marketplace compared to your competitors?

We offer refurbished products of the highest quality, thoroughly checking every component and making sure the packaging is completely repaired, and most importantly, safe. We also offer the largest inventory of ready-to-ship packaging in North America.

How critical is packaging in manufacturing process?

Packaging is absolutely essential in the manufacturing process. After the part are made, they need to be stored until they are shipped to the final destination. And when the parts are shipped, it needs to ship in packaging. Lastly, reusable packaging is a cost-savings alternative to expendable packaging, not to mention the environmental benefits as well.

How often do your clients order?

It depends on the customer, some order weekly (or even more often) and we are also happy to service one-time and irregular orders.

What's the top 3 problems you solve for your clients?

  • We offer leasing solutions, for customers that require an influx in packaging.
  • We repair packaging, so that our customers do not have to purchase brand new packaging.
  • We offer very fast availability and delivery, much quicker than the industry norm.

Do you sell your products to private individuals?

Sometimes we do, but it depends on the quantity required. Most of our sales is business-to-business.

How much weight can a plastic container hold?

It varies depending on the size and brand (make, and model) but generally, most containers are rated for 1800 lbs of weight.

How long do used containers last?

The plastic that is used to make the containers is meant to last forever. Containers that don’t last are usually broken in a warehouse setting, by a forklift.

Industrial Storage Containers in the Automotive Industry

storage containers for sale

The automotive industry uses storage containers for everything from storing car parts and tools to actually storing completed vehicle pieces and vehicles themselves. Creating more organization and ensuring a hazard-free work environment, storage containers are purchasable in plastic and metal from North America’s top supplier, Green Processing Company. Here are just a few of the reasons why our automotive industry clients come to us for containers and storage options.

Storage Containers Are excellent in transportation

Whether you need storage containers to help keep something secure in your warehouse or industrial facility, or you require it to be in transport, a storage container can easily fit this description. They’re easily handled, via forklift or robotic automation as well, for loading and unloading.

Read more about containers warehousing.

Our Storage Containers Are stackable

Automotive companies tend to have complex needs when it comes to space and storage. Some of our industrial containers are stackable containers meaning that it saves you space without creating a hazard or inefficiency. Ergonomically correct in design, the modeling of these storage containers ensure they can be properly secured without affecting the inventory inside.

Storage Containers can be reused

Storage containers in the automotive industry are used for a wide variety of purposes, which is why they need to be built well and strong. Thanks to the investment made in our containers, you won’t have a problem there. Reuse them again and again. Furthermore, we take our eco-friendliness very seriously and work hard to ensure any plastic or metal that can be recycled is, as well as to use recycled materials in the manufacturing of our product when possible or appropriate.

high-quality materials

There’s no cutting corners on any of our automotive industry storage containers. Every container meets the highest quality standard, maximizing security for the safety of all automotive parts in transportation and handling.

Plastic or metal storage containers

Plastic storage containers come in all sorts of different sizes and they’re perfect for automotive equipment of all varieties. Plastic containers like these are generally made from eco-friendly, recycled materials and can be re-organized depending on what a facility needs. Metal storage containers are preferred over plastic at times because they are more durable and more accommodating to certain automotive tools or equipment.

Industrial storage containers

Industrial-specific storage bins can range in design, material, size, and more. Using these, an automotive company can stack, stow, or tote the materials and equipment they need to get the job done. If you need it for transportation, an industrial storage container is already built with that in mind. Regardless, you won’t need to worry about your industrial environment being disorganized, unclean, or inefficient. Whether it’s automotive tools or other assets, these are diverse in how they can be used in an industrial business setting.

Industrial Storage Containers

Industrial plastic storage containers

Industrial plastic storage containers are more affordable than metal, stack well, and can be applied in several industrial environments. From open industrial to containers with lids, customize the containers you’re getting to the containers you need.

Read more about custom containers.

All durable, easy to clean, and designed with increasing on-site efficiencies, an industrial plastic storage container might be just what you need to help elevate overall company performance.

Green Processing Company excels in packaging solutions and sells a wide array of new and used storage containers.

Container leasing and container sales programs are offered across North America.

Container repair, cleaning, and recycling services are offered at all of our locations, servicing Canada and the United States. If you are considering metal containers or cages, or industrial or non-industrial plastic containers, connect with a representative today.

View inventory for our Collapsible Bulk Containers as well as Used Industrial Plastic Totes and New Industrial Plastic Totes.

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Container Rental
Convenient Packaging Solutions
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Save Storage
  • Fast Delivery
  • Leave The Cleaning To Us
  • Short And Long Term Leasing Options
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