Eco-Friendly Recycled Products

Thanksgiving is not always seen as an opportunity to talk about recycling. For some though, it is a great way to start new habits. As we work towards a more sustainable future, Green Processing Company would like to share a few ways in which we may all be able to enjoy a greener Thanksgiving. Here are some recycling tips on how to make the most out of the long weekend!.

Don’t use Disposable Cutlery or Plates

Recycling on Thanksgiving begins by minimizing waste. After all, this is what Green Processing Company’s business model is based on. This Thanksgiving weekend, try to use metal cutlery and dishes that you can wash and re-use again. Don’t go disposable. Any plastic cutlery or paper plates not only take energy to produce and ship but they end up in our landfills after a single use.

Use the Natural Surroundings to Make Decorations

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to get the kids outside or to even have yourself venture into the outdoors to cull together different materials to make arts and crafts with. Leaves, sticks, dried flowers, and more are waiting to be picked from outside. This can be a fun way to make some natural decorations with what nature has already given us and to bring the autumn air into the home.

Compost any Organics

Though we don’t often think of organic composting when it comes to recycling, it is part of the same family. Any vegetables and fruit can be composted. If you don’t already have a compost setup, it’s never too late to get one started. It can be a fun activity and one that is addictive for many, especially those who have a garden to make the most out of the soil.

Make a Commitment to Buy Local this Fall/Winter

Thanksgiving can be a great opportunity to re-dedicate yourself to buying locally. This is the perfect time of year for farmer’s markets and it’s actually harvest time for a number of produce options. Buying local means that there was less energy expelled in transporting these products to market.

Look for Items around the House to be Re-Purposed

There are many underutilized opportunities in the home to recycle year-round. At Thanksgiving, as we lead into the holidays, take a search through your home for any items you may be able to sell to someone else for cheap or that can be re-purposed into gifts.

The key here is keeping as little waste out from landfills as is possible. Every year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, household waste increases by approximately 25 percent. Make the most out of what you got. Sell it, give it a way, or gift it away!

That’s essentially what we do at the Green Processing Company. Every month, we handle more than 3.5 million pounds of plastic. We try to ensure that any waste we come across is put to good use. With full- time facilities in Windsor, Ontario, Cleveland, Ohio, and Laredo, Texas, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to help businesses recycle and offer the best packaging solutions.

There are simple things we all could do to help make this Thanksgiving a little greener. By reducing, recycling, and re-using, you can easily lower waste in the household and make a contribution towards creating a more sustainable environment for all. This Thanksgiving, eat lots, spread kindness, and live green.

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