Bin Repair & Exchange

A Number Of Bin Repair And Exchange Programs Available

Green Processing Company, Inc (GPC) has a number of bin repair and exchange programs available. Whether our customers are recycling unwanted shipping containers or they wish to refurbish their current inventory, our team can help. We offer transportation services and the timely repair and return of your shipping containers. If a new group of containers are required, we sell various types and sizes of shipping containers. GPC has over 16,000 refurbished and new containers in stock.

A detailed problem/solution report is always provided to our customers. Each container is closely inspected to meet the needs of our customers. Our report will detail the problems with the containers as well as the solution implemented. We offer runner replacement for broken runners and container cleaning, if requested. Our goal is to properly re-furbish and return the bins in a timely manner.

We cover all logistics and border crossing (when applicable).  Our team can accommodate special container program requests and wearhousing programs– please inquire. To learn more about our container programs please contact our experienced team.

We stock all makes and models, including Ropak, Xytec, Buckhorn, Orbis, and more. Our containers (plastic knock-down bins, collapsible containers, buy used container, recycling plastic containers, fold-down bins, plastic gaylords, plastic storage containers) are completely refurbished. Once considered used bins, these containers have been inspected and reconditioned. We facilitate container rental and container leasing (plastic knock-down bins rental and leasing, plastic bulk containers rental and leasing, fold-down bins rental and leasing, plastic gaylords rental and leasing, plastic storage containers rental and leasing).

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