Container Refurbishing and Cleaning

Green Processing Company Inc (GPC) offers container repair, refurbishing, cleaning, and modification. GPC can handle all brands and sizes, including older style containers that are no longer manufactured. We realize that a repair and modification template is not universal and that our program must be designed specifically to suit the needs of our customers.

The sales and repair team at GPC will meet with you, the customer, and detail the type of repair and modification required. Most containers requiring repair will have broken bases, missing runners (fork straps), broken doors or walls, or problems with latches. All components can be repaired or replaced except for the base of the container. The base is the heaviest and most expensive part of the container, so a damaged base beyond repair might deem the container ‘scrap’.

The Process Of Container Refurbishing & Cleaning

In general terms, containers are repaired for functionality and safety. Our objective, first and foremost, is returning a container that is safe. The first process is a detailed inspection. All containers are flipped upside-down and the base is checked for cracks and structural damage. If a base is damaged and deemed unsafe it will be destroyed immediately (shred and ground) and recycled. The next step is checking the runners, which are also known as pallet straps or fork straps. These must be fully in-tact so that the container will remain on the forklift when being transported. Sometimes runners have fractures and cracks, so every runner must be checked individually. If a runner is missing or cracked more than 50% through it is replaced, assuming it can be done within the safety parameters of the container. Again, if the runner cannot be replaced safely, the container is destroyed and the material is recycled.

GPC has designed and manufactured metal replacement runners for containers, including all sizes, makes, and models. These replacement parts will fit containers perfectly and serve the same purpose as the original parts. All replacement runners and screwed safety onto the containers, in at least six places, thus guaranteeing a strong and secure hold.

Next, the containers are flipped back, right-side up. The doors and walls are pressure checked. If they do not latch properly and hold firm, it usually means there is a problem with the latch itself or perhaps the doors or wall is broken beyond repair. GPC has the largest inventory of spare and replacement parts, so the latches, doors, and walls can be completely replaced instead of being repaired. Replacement parts mentioned are all included in the flat-fee repair charge. The replacement parts are carefully attached to the containers and the functionality is checked and confirmed.

A detailed repair report is provided for every load handled by GPC. Repair software, that was created but GPC, is used to generate the report. Not only does the report allow customers to review the repair work, but it also provides insight into which containers are most durable and what components are failing and requiring repair. In this respect, GPC has worked with many customers, helping them choose their next make and model container.

Once the containers are repaired, a detailed report summary is sent to the customer, along with a pickup request or delivery notification. The containers that cannot be repaired are purchased as scrap by GPC and the money can be used to purchase replacement containers.
GPC has the largest inventory of replacement containers in North America, so surely any brand or size can be accommodated.

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