Container Recycling

Industrial Plastic - Plastic Containers Canada & USA

Green Processing Company operates multiple shredding and grinding lines in Canada and USA.
We processes industrial plastics supply to make quality material containers.
The group of recycling companies handles over 3,500,000 lbs of industrial plastic per month. The majority being obsolete plastic dunnage.
The management team has over 20 years experience in plastic and industrial recycling.
The recycling division works with company owned transportation equipment. We offers nation-wide service.

The machinery at Green Processing Company includes shredders, grinders, metal detectors, and magnets.
Each recycling line is capable of producing 3000 - 6000 lbs per hour. The finished product, "regrind", is re-used in North America.

Green Processing Company will certify product destruction and landfill avoidance, and provide a certificate stating the type and volume of material recycled. The certificate can be used for ISO and other environmental reporting.

GPC has over 35,000 containers in stock, and offers competitive pricing, quick payment, and immediate pick-up!