48 x 57 Footprint

GPC has an assortment of new and refurbished containers and totes in stock. The various locations stock thousands of shipping containers. Containers are available for sale, short-term lease, or long-term lease. GPC offers logistics services throughout North America.

All containers are put through a stringent evaluation and then repaired. Containers with holes and missing pallet straps (runners) are recycled, thus not in the GPC inventory.

CONTAINER MODEL 485725 485734
Height 25" 34"
Exterior Dimensions 56"-57"l x 48"w x 25"h 56"-57"l x 48"w x 34"h
Interior Dimensions 53.3"l x 44.8"w x 18"h 53.3"l x 44.8"w x 27"h
Collapsed Height 13" 13"
Weight 166lbs 201lbs
Container Capacity 2,000lbs 2,000lbs
Drop Doors 1-2(unless noted) 1-2(unless noted)
Door Height 9" 16"
Door Width 35" 35"
Fork Opening Long Side 3.5" x 11" 3.5" x 11"
Fork Opening Short Side 3.5" x 11" 3.5" x 11"
53' Trailer Capacity (Stacked) 88 66
53' Trailer Capacity (Collapsed) 176 approx. 176 approx.