plastic containers for sale

Plastic Containers

GPC has an assortment of new and refurbished plastic containers and totes in stock. Our various locations stock thousands of shipping containers. Plastic containers are available for sale, short-term lease, or long-term lease. GPC offers logistics services throughout North America, to have plastic containers readily available as needed.

All of our plastic containers are put through a stringent evaluation and then repaired. Plastic containers with holes and missing pallet straps (runners) are recycled, thus not in the GPC inventory.

Recycling Division

plastic recycling

The Green Processing Company operates multiple shredding, grinding and recycling lines in Canada and USA. Our group of recycling companies handles over 3,500,000 lbs of plastic per month, with the majority being obsolete plastic dunnage.

The management team has over 20 years experience in plastic and industrial recycling. The recycling division operates company owned transportation equipment and offers nation-wide service.

metal containers

Metal Containers

GPC offers a wide range of metal container services, including metal container sales & design, as well as metal container repair. From standard size metal containers, to custom designed and built metal containers to suit virtually any need, GPC has you covered for all your metal container needs.

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